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11 New Science Fiction Books To Read If Youve Never Tried Sci,,,,

I read all the comments in addition to the article to see if someone recommended it, but not. I think it is very little valued, sincerely, and is a Spanish writer, a little treasure from here, something different from what we are used to in the world of Fantasy, which, as you said, is a bit over-exploited and drowned lately. I just bought an e-book reader and I am ready to resume reading (the real ones "no longer fit me at home). The two stayed in half; Sometimes it costs to get into some books.

I write the books you quote. The cycle of the door of death is my favorite saga, I was given the first Dragon Wing thinking that it was an isolated book but I devoured it in a week and so it was with each book in the saga. It is a conventional fantasy story, full of a lot of energy and emotions.

It is definitely a novel that will engage all lovers of epic adventures and will surely attract new adherents to the genre. A military fantasy full of magic and an almost infinite literary universe. It is one of the best fantasy sagas of recent times.

A story that hooks from the first book. It all starts when a shy young man becomes infatuated with top sci fi audiobooks a mysterious book. You quickly dive into a deep and serious plot but full of fantasy and magic.

It perfectly intertwines fantasy with science, it also presents a good mood throughout the story. Amazing how fantasy intertwines with history. It is a book that we all should read at some point.

It is interesting to appreciate how the real merges with fantasy and see everything the characters do for love. Don't expect a conventional fantasy story since it was written a long time ago. A fantasy world in which werewolf vampires and other fantastic creatures are the norm.

If you like dark fantasy with a background of redemption, personal intrigue and magic, then this story is for you. A great world of fantasy and technology, in which the planet seems to be devastated. Now, if what they want is a book of those little books to sunbathe on their next vacation, one of those readings that make them forget their debts with the bank, they will like this book.

Although the protagonist is a 21-year-old girl, I believe that the fantasies that are projected in her correspond to another generation. Read online fantasy on the Litnet self-publishing platform. An interesting fantasy is a fairytale world inhabited by slender elves, cunning kobolds, monstrous elves and dwarfs who work hard.

Books about werewolves, books about elves, books about dragons, vampires and love. And finally click on "read File" and in a few minutes you will have your audiobook. Verifications (New): The digital book used for this audiobook was reviewed by the Archer: In Spelling Corrections (EJ: Corno), Scan Errors (EJ: A1), Symbols Not Read by the Program (º) and Others (EJ: ¬, Section ¨ Illusion ¨ these symbols are not seen in the digital books But Some Have Them)

Verifications (New): The digital book used for this audiobook was reviewed by the Archer: In Spelling Corrections (EJ: Corno), Scan Errors (EJ: A1), Symbols Not Read by the Program (º) and Others (EJ: ¬, Section ¨ Illusion ¨ These Symbols Are Not Seen In Digital Books But Some Have Them) Like the heroes of fantasy novels you have embarked on a great adventure. The best fantasy books (and the most read) '‹

Fantastic novels like more than others. However, we didn't decide if we update it with the best-selling fantastic books every month. And in this way we will always keep you up to date on what are the fantasy books recommended by readers.

What's new in fantasy novels 2019. It's not that current fantasy books necessarily have to be the best. In the same way that famous novels do not have to please everyone.

In fact, knowing the latest news is one of the reasons why many users visit the Fantastic Novel website. Ten fantasy books not recommended? We have often seen how difficult it is to gain visibility in the book market.

And it is this section of ten fantastic random books. To offer opportunities to those unknown fantasy books. The reader of the fantastic genre enters the novel willing to "suspend his disbelief", to believe in advance what he knows perfectly well that it is a lie if he has changed, they offer him a good story.

But first, a little about the general features of fantasy novels. Characteristics of fantasy books. Where to buy fantasy and adventure novels?

To the point that they not only sell fantasy books (in PDF, EPUB and MOBI) but also specialized magazines, role-playing games, etc. Do we top sci fi audiobooks start listening to these great novels? This historical novel of suspense and mystery is another of the great works of Italian literature.

The novel is set in the fourteenth century in an abbey in which a series of mysterious crimes have occurred. You can also listen to the classics in Spanish on the Librostube channel.

11 New Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Check Out In Late June,,,,

Novel that the author himself proclaims of complaint, and with the phrase Everything has gone to hell in Mexico "the author launches a claim to corruption in Mexico that allows the growth and strengthening of drug trafficking networks in the country. A book that narrates more directly than others, the links of drug trafficking that allow the growth of its power. As if he were a child, Villalobos tells this novel from the vision of the son of a mafia and very powerful man who lives in a mansion in Mexico, where he lives with 14 people, including gangsters, guards, servants, his family and his teacher.

This book tells the story of the Cartel of the North of the Valley of Colombia, how it became a drug seller from a very young age and its growth within the cell. Likewise, it was also usual to listen to passages of the main novels through the radio. TOP 10 MOST EXPECTED BOOKS OF 2017.

I don't really know what to expect from this book, but I have heard very good reviews and it has some goodreads, it is also an epic fantasy and the synopsis attracts a lot of attention, it is not higher on the list because I really do not know if I will like it and I have more secure ones, but I hope so. This book is going to be published by Fantascy this year and I really want to read it, it is the type of book that I know I will like, it also has very good reviews. This book is published in February by Nocturna, I am looking forward to reading it, I love that it is setting in Russia, I have never read the book with that setting, also when I read the synopsis I convinced myself that I was going to love this book.

Another book also published by Nocturna and I really want to read. When they published it in the US, I was fascinated by both the atmosphere and the history of this book, I am convinced that I will love it, I hope I was not disappointed. This is the posthumous novel by José Saramago who, in his last months of life, maintained the impulse to reflect on one of his greatest concerns: violence over people and societies.

The first three chapters - translated by his wife Pilar del Río - only present an outline of that story, since the book is completed with illustrations by Günter Grass and two texts by Fernando Gómez and Roberto Saviano; but without a doubt, it represents a tribute to this writer. This book, considered a youth narrative for its https://scififantasybook.com/science-fiction-audiobooks/1984-audiobook-by-george-orwell-1/ lightness and simplicity, manages to capture the attention immediately; Jenny Han specializes in this type of literature, such as The Summer Trilogy I fell in love with. The novel speaks in general of growth, as well as the discovery that young people are making about complicated matters such as love, death, and maturity.

This writer and journalist, born in Quintana Roo, presents a novel without fiction in which he reveals his family's story, his intimacy, his mistakes and the drama that originates from abandonment. This novel, awarded the Planet Prize, tells the story of Milena, a very beautiful woman who has been a sex slave since she was very young. This erotic novel is the first book in a trilogy that has surpassed the sales record of the Harry Potter series, as it has sold more than 15 million copies, and 40 countries bought the rights for its translation.

This work was published in 1967 and so far remains among the most purchased books by Mexicans. 10 thoughts on Top 10: The best-selling books in Mexico "This book I hope to read it this month, at the latest, next month.

This book is the third of the saga "Born of the Mist" and the closing of the first part of this saga, is one of my favorite sagas and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the end, I hope it is fantastic, it sure is. I hope to read it shortly. This is the first book that caught my attention of this author, so I want to start with this to know orwell 1984 audiobook free her way of writing. This is another book that I have been putting off for years and I don't know why, since I think I will love it, it may be because it will be an immense saga and in Spain there are only the first three, I am afraid that not all of them will be published, too It's science fiction and it develops in space, I love these adventures.

I already have this book and I will read it, surely, next month. Another science fiction book that has incredible reviews and that I think I'm going to love, I've been wanting to read it since last year but I always find a cheaper one to buy, but this year I don't want it to happen at any price. With the birth of our online store:, we have expanded our service by sending throughout Spain, and also our catalog where you can find, apart from books with a wide variety of themes, other products such as:

The most read books in the world and the best sellers. The best literary novels in history download. The most read book free books in PDF.

I have never read any of the books you have written, but I really want The Lord 1984 audiobook free of the Shadows, Red and Gold, If I don't wake up and the paper princess.

10 Of The Best Science Fiction Books All Geeks Should Read,,,,

Because these books provide the opportunity to leave our reality, dive into parallel worlds, fantastic universes and fabulous countries. Choose your favorite fantasy book (you can read for free, as well as download), read on the practical reading pages and immerse yourself in a parallel reality, where you can feel like a magician, a warrior even a dragon.

Maybe you want to read a romantic fantasy novel download fantasy humor? At your request here is 95% of the audiobooks of this blog + an EXTRA of unique audiobooks. As you will realize, they are TXT Files, this is because it would take me more than a month to re-upload all the audiobooks I had on the Internet, so I decided that YOU learn to create your own audiobooks (come on it's easy and only you need a PC with minimum win98).

If you have any problem, create your own audiobooks, leave a comment. Fausto Eric Mundodisco 9 Title: Fausto Eric Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Sarcasm, Magic, Magical Creatures Chapters: 1 (Divided .. Here is a little experiment we already did for the Science Fiction Novels web And now we bring it to fantasy novels.

Only bestsellers of fantastic and best-selling literature are in the top positions and there are fantasy books that fall into oblivion. Who knows, you may find one of those novels that you "must read." So we are going to offer some more information about what they are and what elements the fantasy books contain.

As was already happening with science fiction novels, the fantastic genre includes impossible phenomena unreal in its content. There are elements such as dragons, magic and medieval atmosphere that are part of popular culture, but there are many other books that escape from that bag where everything does not fit. Home / BOOKS / 20 Books to listen to: Audiobooks to listen for free online download in MP3.

20 Books to listen to: Audiobooks to listen for free online download in MP3. A novel, autobiographical of formation, in which the great Hermann Hesse immerses us in his dream life, his entry into Sonnmatt and the psychoanalysis to which he was subjected by one of Jung's disciples, all hidden behind Emil's pseudonym Sinclair. " Published in 1954, this work is considered one of the best novels of English literature.

A Song of Ice and Fire - Audiobooks of JUEGO DE TRONES. They are Recommended is a web of opinion and criticism of products in which you can find a wide recommendation of books, series and movies. Fantasy novel audiobook with realities in it to expand the culture.

The website explains that his company is an "independent, intimate, and daring film producer who produces adult movies but also books and magazines, and is based in Barcelona. This trilogy of fantasy g. orwell a984 audiobook books was written by the English author as a sequel to The Hobbit, a youth fantasy book, it holds the record among the seven books that make up this fantastic saga of being the most sold and read.

Another successful saga of seven books, although two of them have not yet been written. This saga of fantastic novels is inspired by the mythical role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Search the largest catalog of complete books in the world.

Due to a logical time limitation, audiobooks whose text comes from a previous work of significant extension are usually reduced versions. The main advantages of our audiobooks: • In all cases, the audiobooks are recorded and optimized by specialized technicians.

LibrosEnRed also offers many audiobooks for your enjoyment. Our audiobooks are compatible with more than 190 devices, including Apple® iPod®, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Palm Treo, and many more. The last tear, written by the author of the famous Dark Saga Lauren Kate saga, is a book full of fantasy and love.

The book tells the story of Eureka, a young woman who attends the last year of high school whose passion is to run. The techniques explained in this book are: the fantastic binomial, the fantastic hypothesis, 1984 audiobook the toy as a character, the child as the protagonist, the treatment of classic tales, fables, characters of various materials, the construction of riddles and wrong stories. The 10 best fantasy novels.

The 10 best fantasy novels, which you cannot miss. The first book in the saga of The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring, presents a Middle Earth that is endangered by the return of a great dark lord: Sauron. A saga of books with which George R.R. Martin has delighted and continues to do so to thousands of readers and fans of his television adaptation, through the HBO network.

Other landmarks of fantastic literature, which allows you to play with two parallel worlds: that of a book and reality. Mr. Koreander speaks with him and calms him down, but Bastian's eyes are on a very unique object, a book with a curious symbol (the AURYN) on the cover: "The Endless Story." Just start reading, Bastián and we are swallowed (not literally) by the world of Fantasy.

The first novel by a recognized fantasy author and often followed by fans of fantastic literature: Brandon Sanderson.

10 New Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Check Out In May,,,,

Moreci told The Verge that where the first book was a story of coming of age, it is about accepting responsibility and fighting for justice. Publishers Weekly says that "Wilde skillfully blurs the lines of fantasy and reality in a disturbing story of sisters connected through trauma and shared mythology." Fantasy world deco style.

Publishers Weekly gave the book an outstanding review saying that the "winning combination of intriguing and inventive mystery SF richly rewards Newman's readers and will attract others to the series." That is why it is not surprising that he gathered a series of knowledge that, duly focused on the novel that made it famous, lead to generic doubt to those best george orwell audiobooks who study it. The science of that time suggested that electricity could one day be used to revive the deceased, so the very young Mary Shelley applied this idea in her story, elucidating about a possible future development of galvanism (today we know that her prediction was not fulfilled, but at the time it was perfectly reasonable as a hypothesis).

The definitive emergence of Science Fiction did not occur until several decades later and in fact Mary Shelley had to wait well over a century for scholars to agree to recognize her as the mother of the whole invention. This collection of seven short stories and a short novel, Mother of Stone, takes some classic tropes of vampires, werewolves and zombies, and revolutionizes them in an ingenious and extremely disconcerting way. They were fashionable, they were the protagonists of a very successful science fiction movie.

From these modest beginnings, the publishing house was developed and several collections appeared: its flagship Albemuth International, which includes titles from both Spanish and Latin American authors and other languages, Albemuth Bolsillo (dedicated mainly to short novels and stories), Uróboros (juvenile) and Tycho (essay). In this quick review of the small Spanish publishers that dedicate space to fantasy, we cannot remain in the pipeline others who, despite the lower number of titles published in recent times, have also shown to be particularly attentive to these genres. The rewriting of the myth of Preste Juan in contemporary science fiction.

With a total of 173,454 votes in total and with 35,157 votes in favor of ALLEGIANT and became winner of the best youth book of the year, leaving behind the book as: Mechanical Princess of Cassandra Clare (second place), The Indigo pell de Richelle Mead and Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout. For some, the arrival of Netflix in front of the ship caused the production to lose some brightness, but its chapters still leave us many open questions about the present and the future in the purest style The Twilight Zone. One of Netflix's latest productions that have been confirmed by the purest science fiction.

The plot ends up putting us in a family tree that goes through several generations with more anthological elements of science fiction. Another of the flagship ships of the HBO landing is this series based on the novel by Margaret Atwood of the same name, where in the face of humanity's orwell 1984 audiobook growing difficulties to procreate, fertile women are relegated to a regime of servitude before the people of Greater economic and political power. Counterpart, a Starz original, may have passed under the radar, but it is one of the great science fiction bets we can see today on HBO.

As part of his psychological training Ender practices a fantasy game, (which is brutally controlled by the cynical colonel Hyrum Graff, director of the school), as well as the tests to which he is continuously subjected, until the final exam, the true test of his worth to save the world. To fit that new material, Card has rewritten chapter 15, and plans to offer a revised edition of the book in the near future. 11 It was being developed by Chair Entertainment, authors of the Xbox Live Arcade Shadow Complex game, based on Card's novel, Empire, which became a bestseller.

BBC Studios has the rights to the books of ‘The Runic Staff 'by Michael Moorcock. Of course, you can see clear parallels with Game of Thrones (a utopian setting based on the Middle Ages, layers, swords, magic, fantasy, etc.), although the creative idea by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski is several 1984 audiobook years before the one developed by world-renowned George RR Martin. For the rest, the edition will not undergo changes except the change of logo, since Marc Simonetti will continue to put his talent as an illustrator at the service of the covers of the novels as he had been doing so far.

For his part, Michael J. Sullivan has sold almost a million and a half of his books in English and has more than seventy translation contracts in other languages. Last Thursday Skybound Entertainment and Universal Pictures announced their plans to bring to the big screen Oblivion Song, the science fiction comic written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Lorenzo De Felici. The thing already seems to be somewhat advanced since they even have a screenwriter: Sean 'Keefe, author of the Wonderland script, directed by Peter Berg and starring Mark Wahlberg - based on the homonymous novel by Ace Atkins - and Spenser for Netflix.

10 New Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Check Out In May The Little Reader,,,,

Hard science fiction books and novels.

It is a dystopian future, in the year 2021 (originally it was 1992, but in recent editions of the novel the date was run), after a nuclear war ended most of the animal life on the planet and made uninhabitable territories integers Written with incomparable melancholy and precision, praised in his magnificent prologue by Jorge Luis Borges, it is one of the most important books of the genre and one of the greatest works written in the second half of the twentieth century. So far the list of the 7 indispensable science fiction books, whose reading prepares to face any future instance of the genre.

For decades, science fiction stories have been portals to futuristic worlds, alternative realities and distant and ancient galaxies; where it is always possible to find similarity with time and culture on earth, at the time when history was written. The 22 best science fiction and fantasy books of 2014. An initiation work like this should have stopped more in explaining what we are going to find in each novel, the reason for its importance and the impact it had on the history of science- fiction.

And finally, some indicative biographical records of the chosen authors, a list of the winners of the main fantastic prizes, a short bibliography, a brief glossary and a curious comparison where the appearances in other selections and guides are contrasted with the prizes received by each novel to be able to offer a panoramic vision as wide as possible of science fiction. The rules of the Hugo awards determine that in the category of best novel fiction works compete with an equal length of over 40,000 words. Until the year 2019 a total of 68 novels have received a Hugo award in this category, including three Ex aequo awards in the years 1966, 1993 and 2010 A total of 47 different authors have received the award, highlighting Robert A. Heinlein with four victories In addition to two Retro Hugos in 2001 and 2018 Lois McMaster Bujold also won four awards, while Connie Willis, Vernor Vinge and NK Jemisin won three times.

In the following table, the years correspond to the date of delivery of the prize in the corresponding World Science Fiction Convention, not to the date of publication of the work in question (which is usually during the previous calendar year). Science fiction lovers, of course, you are clear 1984 free audiobook about the best of the genre in 2016. And that guide should give you a clue as to what you can read at Christmas. Vote for your top 10 science fiction and fantasy books and contribute to the list of the United States Public Radio: the best of the genre that best materializes the imagination.

The NPR site, the United States public radio, is voting to determine the 100 best science fiction and fantasy books ever written. Writing science fiction in any search engine, one could access several web pages with reviews of works that, although they may never be sold in Peruvian bookstores, indicated that the genre did not consist of reprints of classic works. His novel, one of the great works of science fiction, vindicates freedom from the denunciation of its suppression, extols humanity from the description of its neutralization, claims generosity empathy from the fatal consequences of your absence.

Auxiliary Sword is the second part of the Ann Leckie Radch Trilogy and direct continuation of one of today's best science fiction novels. The Literary Athenaeum, of Arts and Sciences of Puerto Real, in fulfillment of its purposes, has agreed to convene, for the year 2019, the III Edition of the ISAAC ASIMOV AWARD, sponsored by the Athenaeum itself and endowed with an accreditation plate, to the author / or from the best Original Science Fiction Novel. Meet the best science fiction books adapted to television.

Niven's novel spawned four sequels and four prequels, and inspired future science fiction writers to use similar ring-shaped mega-structures in their stories, including the Halo Array ”in the Halo video game series. The orwell 1984 free audiobook 10 best science fiction books. It is a magnificent combination of humor and science fiction that could be compared to Terry Pratchett's books in which he makes this same combination but with fantastic literature.

It is one of the most emblematic works of the science fiction genre. This novel by Orson Scott Card has won the Nebula and Hugo awards (two of the most relevant in the science fiction and fantasy genres). The book tells the adventures of Andrew a young man who with only six years is recruited by the "Battle School" to be trained for the war that human beings maintain with the insectors, an extremely aggressive alien race that can end the future from the earth.

Starship Troopers is considered one of the first military science fiction novels: War, politics, insect-shaped aliens, g orwell 1984 audiobook military battle suits. José, you should make a list of the 10 best Spanish-American science fiction novels.

10 New Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Check Out In January

ПŽ¯Â Where do you download free audiobooks in Spanish? On the Internet there are numerous pages where you can download free audiobooks in full Spanish, of any genre, even audiobooks abbreviated by chapters.

П'‚ Where do you download audiobooks in English? Even for the most sophisticated scholars, these audiobooks become a passion when Shakespeare lovers, for example, want to listen to this author in their original language, not in translations. This is one of the most emblematic sites on the Internet to get audiobooks in English and Spanish for free.

It is an English audiobook platform that uses digital audio files from sites such as LibriVox, Naropa Poetics Audio Archive and Project Gutenberg. In this case, the Audible platform offers a good number of audiobooks in English and Spanish, both of classical and contemporary authors. And finally the extension, where you can find abbreviated audiobooks those that are complete, that is, complete and that respect the text word by word.

Download free paid audiobooks, can be used for those readers who have little time multiple occupations, and also for those authors who need to develop their marketing strategies. But there are books that I like much more than others, so I made a list of the audiobooks that I like that interest me to read. I invite you to complete the list, adding audiobook titles that most attract your attention.

How to listen to audiobooks on Amazon devices with Alexa? In 2012, this publicist and lover of reading began her consumption of audiobooks with texts in English. Publishers such as Penguin RandomHouse Book Planet have been flirting with the format for a couple of years, although with investment contention.

In the audiobook growth is a reality, said growth is nothing comparable with Spain. Following in and according to the Audio Publishers Association, in 2015 a total of 35,574 audiobooks were published in, which meant a growth of 37% compared to the previous year and almost 400% compared to 2011. According to their latest statistics published there is a 34% growth in audiobook loans in the libraries it manages with its platform.

Regarding the listening habits and the profile of the listener, it is worth highlighting that 43% of audiobook listeners listen to an average of 6.7 audiobooks a year, that 27% do so in public transport in the car on the way to work. back home, that 19% do it at home while doing 1984 audiobook by george orwell housework and 25% listen to audiobooks while doing sports walks. Julián Marquina highlighted a while ago in his blog a series of websites where you can download and / or buy audiobooks. There are places where you can get free audiobooks and others where you have to pay.

This is particularly important if you are signing a contract with a large publishing house that already has an audiobook distribution platform, such as Penguin Random House. Therefore, I fear that in general the bet will be limited to the production of audiobooks of those novels that have been very successful in the role of those authors who are already consecrated. In 2018, sales of audiobooks in the United States reached one billion dollars.

There are several pages and applications with thousands of books read aloud, in several languages, that can be heard on different devices such as mobiles, thus increasing the possibility of reading them "in unconventional places and spaces such as the car while you go to work, public transport while other activities are performed such as household chores exercise. Although at the moment the use of audiobooks is not yet common in e-Learning, there are different reasons why you can start implementing them. An advantage of using audiobooks in virtual education is that it allows students to reinforce, as often as necessary, some of the concepts seen in the course.

Even if you want to try, you can record your own audiobooks with the specific content to complement your course. Audiobooks are an alternative to access literature differently. Loyal Books is a completely free and public domain audiobook and electronic book platform.

- 56% of listeners say they make "new time" to listen to audiobooks and subsequently consume more books. Discover news, trends and other surprises in the world of audiobooks. Audiobooks are recordings of the contents of a book, read aloud by a narrator.

Audiobook users in Spain are mostly women (56.25%), compared to 37.95% men (4% NS / NC). The long transfers cause Storytel to want to support Mexicans with audiobooks. 1984 audiobook free online The Storytel service, similar to the Netflix model, will allow us unlimited access to audiobooks of all genres through an application installed on our mobile devices.

Throughout history, audiobooks have been used mostly with second language students, students with learning disabilities and readers with difficulties. In this post I will share you step by step how you can get free audiobooks so you can enjoy its many benefits. Well, now you can with the audiobooks that come highly recommended for any entrepreneurial entrepreneur looking to expand their knowledge, take their life and business to that next level.

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10 New Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Check Out In January The Little Reader,,,,

He is also the author of another famous 1956 novel, The Waning Man, and of a complete collection of short stories, unpublished at the moment in Spain, and which Gigamesh publishing house will publish for the first time in our country in several volumes. For more references on this type of adaptations, see our special The Future Adaptations of Science-Fiction of Hollywood. On many occasions it was these authors who advanced the future.

These novels have many qualities, since in addition to entertaining they are good to avoid everyday problems. I do not include it because it is the second part of a saga, and because Sanderson already has another novel on the top. I have already reviewed it, and I keep saying it: Morán has created a saga of urban fantasy and comedy that I feel will last many years.

Sanderson is Sanderson, but the truth is that the breath of the gods is one of his weakest adult fantasy books (there is still a lot of level). I read it to a great extent as soon as I learned that there was a sword with conscience in the novel, treated as a real character and not as a tool (although it was a bit disappointing, really, but of course, I have too high standards In that aspect). There are two types of science fiction.

This novel belongs to the second type, and tells us a very personal story with very fantastic characters. In any case, Seraphina is a very good work, with a very original fantastic world, with very original dragons and with a great perspective, with memorable and unique characters ... It is a youth fantasy work that knows how to truly make a fantastic racism "( mestizos with dragons are really discriminated against) and who knows when to leave romanticism aside because we have more important things to deal with. In addition, Abercrombie returns with secondary novels, such as Chills, and embroider battle scenes as only he knows how to do it.

It is a novel that has nothing left, but that could be dressed a little better to achieve a better effect. The secret song of the world is the best Spanish fantasy novel g orwell 1984 audiobook so far. It is probably also one of the best macabre fantasy in the world, because it has nothing to envy Neil Gaiman (although they have different approaches).

I hope it is a slightly more diverse list of what is usually seen out there: 3 for everyone to find an interesting book. Surely you find several books that you love! "A dark story" was also one of the most prominent books I read during the past year.

With regard to the lack of limits of the magic they use in the novel, I noticed it too (stupid and sensual Sanderson, after reading it to him my expectations in this aspect rose to unexpected levels), but you are right that it is compensated with other aspects and it ends up being very balanced. And moving on to the other novel, "The Secret Song of the World," I think it has its well deserved place at the top of your list. It is one of the novels that get you deep because they generate intense emotions.

Guillem López has limited his experimental essays in a short format that can make him expand the public that looks at his books. It is not the book that owed us (the sixth installment of the series started with 'Game of Thrones', not to mention the seventh, both already overflowed by the HBO series) but surely in the heat of the series, it triumphs. € 15.90. Pure escapism, in the short novel format for which many publishers of the genre in Spain are finally betting.

Free access to books and magazines in PDF. It is not a novel, but Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles" is the best written 1984 audiobook in sci-fique that can be read. And if we accept 1984 as science fiction I stay with Fahrenheit 451 of Bradbury.

To cite a contemporary Spanish Catalan-language author: Albert Sánchez Piñol and his first novel "La pell freda" (Cold Skin). I may not reach the level of those cited, (half of them I would not consider science fiction) but when I read it it made a big impression on me. You can not miss these novels.

No problem, because at the end of the article we have compiled a tremendous list of 100 science fiction titles chosen by NPR and another list selected by Reddit users. These are some of the books that I recommend. American Gods: an impressive novel by one of my favorite comic book authors, Neil Gaiman.

I have to include this book among the best I have read in recent decades. Continuation of Think in Phlebas, and a much more interesting and entertaining book to read. A leisurely reading and well-developed characters is what awaits you in these 3 books.

The dark forest (Trilogy of the Three Bodies 2), is the continuation of the previous book ... and the truth is that the topic becomes interesting: humanity fights extinction within about 400 years due to the arrival of the extraterrestrial civilization of the Trisolaris. Isaac Asimov's books are so good that they deserve to be treated separately. The titles of the books of the two listings he presented are in English, but that does not have to be a problem to find them in Spanish.